12. Januar 2018

  1. NEIN!
  2. Plüschmaus ist doppelt so groß wie Du
  3. Das ist nur ein Bild




26. August 2017

„[The cyborg] is resolutely committed to partiality, irony, intimacy, and It is oppositional, utopian, and completely without innocence.


Cyborg writing is about the power to survive, not on the basis of original innocence, but on the basis of seizing the tools to mark the world that marked them as other.“(1)


(1) Haraway, Donna Jeanne: A Cyborg Manifesto – Science, Technology, and Socialist-Feminism in the 19820s; in: dies.: The Haraway Reader; New York, London 2004; S. 7-45 (Ersterscheinen: A Cyborg Manifesto: Science, Technology, and Socialist Feminism in the Late Twentieth Century; in: Socialist Review 80, 1985; S. 65-108. in deutscher Übersetzung vertont); S. 9 & 33.